“Back To Work” - IgG Antibody & PCR Combination Package Image

“Back To Work” - IgG Antibody & PCR Combination Package

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For peace of mind an IgG antibody test and PCR Coronavirus test package

We are offering both our blood test to detect IgG antibodies in your blood and Coronavirus PCR Current Infection Test kit together as a bundle. Some countries require this combination of tests prior to travelling.

The PCR swab test to see if you currently suffer from SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. This tests for the RNA of the virus itself, confirming the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat at the time you swab. It is 100% specific.

The IgG antibody test has been evaluated to be between 96% - 100% accurate in identifying antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at 14 days after onset of covid-19 symptoms.

Test Contents

  • Swab
  • Blood collection - vacutainer tube
  • "Butterfly" needle vacutainer blood collection system
  • Test request form
  • Introduction letter and instructions
  • Biohazard plastic bag for blood tube and swab
  • Prepaid tracked return envelope

The Antibody Test

To check if you have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the past. 

Please note that there is still a lot to learn about this virus and having antibodies does not mean you definitely have immunity and not having antibodies does not necessarily mean you have not had covid-19 as not everyone develops antibodies. Also it is not yet clear how long immunity lasts even if there is any. So please don't think you can shed the masks, ditch the alcogel, leave your hands unwashed, and rush out to a party just because you get a positive result!

There is still a lot of uncertainty but it is highly likely that if you do have antibodies, you have had covid-19 and that it is quite likely that you may have at least some temporary immunity. Still, it is very important that you do not take the presence of antibodies to mean that you are able to ignore government advice about social distancing, hand hygiene and isolation.

This is a test you take if you are feeling well and want to confirm whether or not you have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in past.

The PCR Test

A PCR test looks for the presence of the RNA of the virus itself. This means that it will pick up the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat. It is 100% accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms has the virus. It will also pick up whether the virus is present for people who have been exposed but are not showing any symptoms as yet. So long as there are viruses present on the swab the laboratory receives it will be reported "virus detected". This is a much more expensive test as it requires more technical expertise than the antibody tests.

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Free Delivery - We will ship you a pack for you to take a swab and return it in the freepost enclosed packaging. We send all our mail with tracked return so please find your nearest Priority 

Onsite Testing - you can book an appointment at our site in SW15 for both the swab and blood collection should you prefer. This will cost £45.

One Way Courier Service - If within the M25 a courier will deliver your test the same day, you can then send the test back in the provided tracked 1st class envelope - or arrange your own courier to deliver it back to us at the laboratory. Please note, we need your order confirmed by 1 pm Monday to Saturday in order to get it to you the same day. If it is booked after 1 pm we will deliver it the next day. We do not deliver on Sundays. You can select this option during checkout for an additional £25.

How reliable is this combination test?

We are the first laboratory in Europe to be able to offer this leading IgG antibody test. We work with one of the largest medical diagnostics providers in the world who employ over 107,000 workers and the test has received PHE evaluation, a CE Mark as well as FDA EUA approval. 

Does buying this combination test impact the general supply of test kits?

No, we guarantee that any purchase of testing through us does not impact in any way on the ability of NHS workers or anyone else to get tested for coronavirus.

Is there an NHS discount?

Yes, for any NHS staff we are offering the test at less than cost to us. Please email info@privatecoronavirustests.co.uk for more information.