We are a laboratory set up by NHS registered GPs and consultants to provide easy access to pathology testing services. Our model has been designed to provide a full turnkey service for anyone who wanted to supply self testing kits to patients for convenient home testing of blood biomarkers.

With the sudden emergence of the coronavirus pandemic we scrambled to find what we could do to help. We very soon realised that our resources and logistics were in a fortuitously ideal position to help get tests for coronavirus out to people quickly and efficiently. We have pretty much entirely shifted our focus for now to getting these tests out to people who would not otherwise have any access to them, with as much energy and dedication as we can muster. We have partnered with other innovative, enthusiastic and nimble laboratories who are also scrambling to provide as much easy access to testing as we possibly can. While we would love to be able to provide these tests for free we are forced by economic realities at this moment to only service the many people in the UK who choose to proffer support to our public institutions by investing in their own healthcare during this time of huge, unprecedented strain on the pubic services and the NHS. Everyone needs to pitch in and we are proud to be doing our best to proffer what we can to help in this extraordinary time in our world's history in whatever way we can.

We offer you the option of taking a PCR test to help determine whether you are infected by coronavirus. We send you a home testing kit for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) so you can find out your status from the safety of your home. The test is a swab which you take from your nose and throat and then post back to the laboratory. Your results will be available within 2-3 days after the sample arrives in the laboratory. We do appreciate that this test is expensive at this time and can only apologise for this. The cost of running the test is high and reasonable margins unfortunately have to be applied to make this test available completely unsupported by any government funds.

We also continue to provide a wide range of blood tests that can be done in the convenience and safety of your own home during this time of lockdown and isolation and the great difficulty everyone is experiencing with accessing normal healthcare for ongoing conditions. If you need your cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid or any other condition checked, we can send a postal kit to you so your can provide a sample to post back to us, all in the safety of your own home. We send your results to you the day your sample arrives in our laboratory.

We'd love to hear from you and look forward to helping in whatever way we can.

Wishing you the very best of health,

London Medical Laboratory