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Covid-19 PCR Swab Test - Travel Certificate

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If you need a travel certificate to prove you don’t currently have coronavirus, then take our Covid-19 PCR Swab Test with a Travel Certificate.

The PCR Swab Test detects the presence of the RNA of the virus itself. This means that it will pick up the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat, and is 100% sensitive at detecting any trace of the virus.

You can complete your Coronavirus PCR Swab Test in three ways:

1.      At-home—Have the testing kit delivered to you where you can take the sample and return it to our lab via a supplied Royal Mail 1st Class envelope.

2.      In-store—Get tested at your nearest available London Medical Laboratory clinic at a date and time that suits you for an additional fee.

3.      Via courier—If you are within the M25, then have one of our mobile medics visit your home to take the sample for an additional fee. You can then either return the sample to our lab via a supplied Royal Mail 1st Class envelope, or the mobile medic can return the sample to our lab on the spot for quicker delivery at an added cost.

Once your sample has been processed, you will then receive your results via email with certification from a doctor that you can use as your fit-to-fly document.

To get tested, buy your PCR Swab Test today and select the type of testing and delivery you need at checkout.

*Terms and conditions apply for next day results. Please visit for more information.

Where are the in-store testing locations?

Many of our London Medical Laboratory clinics are open 7-days a week and are located in:

·        Putney—260 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 6TQ

·        Leicester Square—5 Bear Street, London, WC25 7AR

·        Epsom—63 The Broadway, Stoneleigh, Epsom, KT17 2HP

·        Park Royal—Unit 6 Minerva Business Centre, 58-60 Minerva Road, NW10 6HJ

·        Guildford—25 Swan Lane, Guildford, GU1 4EQ

Why and when would I need to take a PCR test?

As travel opens up to more and more destinations, many countries require a negative Covid-19 test result to allow entry into the country, or to avoid a lengthy quarantine period. This is usually taken no more than 72-96 hours before your flight. However, please consult with your airline or the FCO on the exact entry requirements of your destination.

There are also many venues, sporting clubs and employers who would like an authorised certificate confirming a person’s status.

How and when will I receive my results?

As soon as your sample is tested, we will email you a certificate with your results.

We will test your sample the day after it has arrived at our lab, with your results delivered the day of testing—usually by that evening. If you need a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate urgently for a flight, then it is recommended you use our in-store or courier service. These methods ensure that your sample can be delivered to us on the same day.

Alternatively, the delivery times of traditional postage cannot be guaranteed and can therefore delay the time you receive your result.

What’s the difference between this test and the PCR Swab (Next Day Results) Test?

They are essentially the same, as both provide a document with your result—signed by a doctor—that you can use as a fit-to-fly certificate. This is why they are both also priced the same. However, we have labelled each test clearly by function to make it easier for you to find the test you need.

Will this test show if I’ve had coronavirus before or if I am currently infectious?

No, if you are looking to find out if you have already contracted coronavirus in the past and have developed antibodies, then please order our Coronavirus IgG Antibody Home Test Kit.

However, if you would like to know if you are currently infectious with coronavirus to others, then please order our Coronavirus Rapid 15 Minute Antigen Test.

Does buying this test impact the general supply of test kits?

No, we guarantee that any purchase of testing through us does not impact in any way on the ability of NHS workers or anyone else to get tested for coronavirus.

Is there an NHS discount?

Yes, for any NHS staff we are offering the test at less than cost to us. Please email for more information.

Testing kit contents

Your testing kit will include:

  • An introduction letter and instruction manual
  • A test request form
  • A swab in a sample collection tube
  • A biohazard plastic bag
  • A prepaid return envelope