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Coronavirus PCR Swab Test - Current Infection

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You have the choice of coming to us to have your swabs taken or being sent a home collection kit.

If you need your result within a specific time-frame for a flight or other official reason, then you should not rely on the postal service. The best way to ensure next day results* is to come to one of our sites to have your swab taken. Choose the option you need at checkout.

Our home collection kit enables you to provide samples for yourself or your family in the safety of your own home and send to our laboratory where it will be tested to see if you are currently suffering from covid-19 infection. If you need a result the next day you can come to our lab to be swabbed or have a courier bring the swabs to you, wait while you swab yourself and bring it back to the lab.

If you wish to know if you have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the past then you should select our Abbott IgG antibody blood test which will give you as accurate information as there is available about past exposure

The test is manufactured in the UK by one of the UKs leading research laboratories and is UKAS certified and PHE approved.

Test Contents

  • Swab in sample collection tube
  • Test request form
  • Introduction letter and instructions
  • Biohazard plastic bag
  • Prepaid return envelope

How does it work

You either book an appointment to have the swab done at one of our London sites or we ship you our easy to use home sample collection kit right away. 

When you receive it open the package read the instructions carefully.

The test is better done by someone who has experience in swabbing throats and noses but in the current extraordinary times this may not be possible. If you can, you should consider driving to us and having your swab taken by a trained professional but if you have to do it yourself this is what you need to do. First carefully read the introduction letter and instructions, and register your kit. There is more detail than this but simply put, twist open the swab and remove it without touching the soft tip. While standing in front of a mirror, insert the swab into the back of your throat and firmly swab your tonsils and either side of the throat, avoiding your tongue. Then put the swab into one nostril and twirl for a few seconds. Put the swab back into the tube it came in a press it closed. Place the closed swab, along with your completed test request form into the prepaid envelope provided, seal and post as soon as possible from any royal mail postal point.

Your results

Your results will be ready the day after arriving at our laboratory. 

We will email your results certificate to you as soon as they are available - which is the evening of the day after they arrive at our laboratory*. They will be in the form of a signed certificate which can be printed for airlines or other official purposes.

The advice about to what to do if you either infected or not is continually being updated by the NHS here: If you are feeling unwell please go straight to where you will find what to do next.

If you do return a positive result your doctor is legally bound to let Public Health England know as it is notifiable disease.

*Please note that it is not possible to always guarantee that every result will be back in the expected turnaround time of the next evening. There are occasions when the test has to be re-run. This is an intrinsic part of the sensitive PCR testing process and happens in 1-3% of tests. Private Corona Virus Tests will refund you the cost of your test if the advertised turnaround times are not met but they will not under any circumstances refund any other costs that you may incur due to a delay in your results getting to you.

Shipping Options

Free Delivery - We will ship you a pack for you to take a swab and return it in the freepost enclosed packaging. We send all our mail with tracked return so please find your nearest Priority 

Same Day Courier - If you live within the M25 we have an option of sending a courier with a test pack the same day, he/she will wait for you to perform the test and bike it back to our laboratory. This ensures your sample does not get lost in the post. You can select this option during checkout for an additional £60.

Appointment - You can book an appointment at our laboratory in London SW9 or SW15 when checking out. 

Why a PCR Test

A PCR test looks for the presence of the RNA of the virus itself. This means that it will pick up the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat. It is 100% accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms has the virus. It will also pick up whether the virus is present for people who have been exposed but are not showing any symptoms as yet. So long as there are viruses present on the swab the laboratory receives it will be reported "virus detected". This is a more expensive test as it requires more technical expertise than the antibody tests.

If you are looking for an antibody test please click here

We guarantee

That by providing you with the option to obtain this test we are not impacting in any way on the ability of NHS workers or anyone else to get tested for coronavirus. We also guarantee that the prices we charge are reasonable considering the costs incurred in delivering this test to you entirely without any government funding.

Is there a NHS discount?

Yes, for any NHS staff we are offering the test at less than cost to us. Please contact us at for further details.